Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catching Up

Well, we are ALMOST done with our exciting week on Lake Wallenpaupack. By now you should have had an opportunity to do a whole bunch of things that relate to what we are learning in the classroom. You have taken soil samples, checked pH of soil and lake water, "fished" for plankton and looked at it under the microscope, looked for macroinvertebrates in the stream, toured the watershed and the hydroelectric plant, and some of you even got to chase a chicken with Mr. Anke! We have a few more things to finish up tomorrow and Monday. We will be watching a presentation on different ways of collecting fish for monitoring ecosystems. We will also be taking a tour of our water treatment plant (if it is not pouring out). On Monday, we will have two speakers who will talk to us about ground water and contamination.
Please be sure that you have done all of your homework, and all of your fild activities. You need to have that packet complete to study for your quiz, which will be next Tuesday. Be sure to start reviewing vocabulary and everything that you have learned this week. STUDY OVER THE WEEKEND!

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